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Here a few examples of what Mushroom Amusements stands for :

In 1998 the heavy metal band Iron Maiden visited the Midas Studio in Lokeren, Belgium to record their album "Brave New World", whilst there, the band asked for some amusementgames and got a billiard, a foosball game and two pinballgames : a Taxi and a Terminator2.

In 1999 the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws features an article about pinball and contacted Mushroom Amusements, they came over to my house to take an interview and shoot some shots of my pinball games, it turned out to be a full page article with colored pictures and some "Airborne" artwork as background.

In March 2002 the glossy magazine "Groovy" features an article about pinball machines in an edition dedicated to gaming in general, Mushroom Amusements was contacted to deliver a game (Checkpoint) and helped the editors getting the article together. They promised me photo's of the photoshoot with the model Babs all over the machine, but unfortunately I never got any, here's a scan from the said game and model.

Funniest thing happened while taking the pictures : In attract mode Checkpoint sometimes makes the sound of a cheering crowd, well, Babs was on the pinball machine and the photographer asked her to give a little more cleavage, which she did and at that exact time Checkpoint started cheering ! Everybody was laughing !

Mushroom Amusements also deliveres and maintains pinball machines at several firms, one of them is AIM Productions. AIM Productions was founded in 1994. The company can be defined as 'developer and publisher of entertainment software'. In the early days AIM Productions built a strong catalog of PC-WINDOWS applications, games and multimedia, mainly marketed and distributed on CD-Rom. The company's best selling PC titles have sold well over 100,000 units. In the year 2000, AIM Productions decided to leave the PC market and look for new challenges in the upcoming PDA and mobile markets. They managed to build a strong catalogue of succesful games and applications for Pocket PC, Smartphone Palm, and other PDAs. Many of these popular PDA games are now rapidly becoming available on mobile phones like Smartphone and Sony-Ericsson and Nokia phones. It is their intention to become and remain one of the top publishers in the fast-growing mobile software market over the next years.

Another well known customer from Mushroom Amusements is DHL, the famous shipping company, they've bought some games for their recreation space to be used by their couriers when they're waiting for their next trip.

When the Broadway musical "Tommy" tour visited Belgium, Mushroom Amusements was contacted to put some games in the lobby to entertain the guest before and after the play, needless to say, the games got quite a beating while being on Free Play. Some of the audits on the games told me there were +4000 balls played. Following are a couple of pictures from the line up in The Capitole in Ghent (Terminator2, Big Guns and ofcourse my beautiful Tommy).

Above : the opening night booklet program.

Above : The Capitole in Ghent.

Above : the lineup, obviously this picture was taken before the crowd showed up.

Above : the Tommy leaflet.

The games only were in Ghent for three day's, then they were transported to Antwerp where they stayed for about 10 day's in the Stadsschouwburg. The line up there consisted of Black Rose, Terminator2, Hurricane, Checkpoint and again ofcourse Tommy. The organisors of the play were kind enough to give us free tickets for the premiere both in Ghent and Antwerp, meanwhile I could keep an eye on the games and correct some minor issues if needed.

Above : one of these life size posters now hangs in my house.

Above : everything shouts "Tommy" !

Above : part of the line up.

April 2005 and the second edition of The Coin-op Collector has been issued to the public. The Coin-op Collector is a 3-monthly Belgian magazine about everything coin-op related, with a slight preferation towards pinball machines. This issue features the gameroom of one "Bart Baeyens" from Mushroom Amusements. Click on the article to get a better shot.

September 2006 and The PinGame Journal #117 features an article of some guy Bart Baeyens and his love for Capcom pinballs .The Pingame Journal is America's ONLY Pinball Publication! It covers pinball like no other publication can. Whether you’re looking for new games or the classics, reports on industry shows or collector expos, insight on a game you want or features to help you fix the game you’ve got, the PinGame Journal is for you ! Click on the article to get a better shot.

Zondag 21 Januari and Bart Baeyens wins the BFK (Belgisch flipperkampioenschap), on this site you'll find some more info, results etc...

Here's a scan of an article posted in "Het Laatste Nieuws", Belgiums best selling paper :

And here's a link to the news broadcast on the Belgian public broadcast station :

Every customer is important to Mushroom Amusements, the above selection just points out some of our more known customers and if they put their trust in us, so can you.

For more information about pinball and Mushroom Amusements contact us :

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