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Welcome to my Web site!

Hello my name is Frank and I'm living in Belgium near the city of Ghent, well known for the " Gentse Feesten ",this means  party time during one and a half week and taking place in the month July. So if you are planning to visit Belgium try to combine it (its good for young and old).

As mentioned before this site is dedicated to one of my hobby's .I started in the year 2002 with buying an old mgb gt and my new hobby was a fact. I must say there where some difficult days asking myself why I'm doing this.
You eat a lot of dust during sandblasting an cleaning rusty parts

Here is a picture of my (duo) jump

airplane : Pilatus
jumpheight : 4000 m
place :Bodues France
free fall speed : 200 km/h
free fall time :45 sec




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