Austin Healey restoration


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Some pictures during restoration

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Austin Healey restoration
Arrival 20/08/06

Arrival of the car (20/08/06)

Engine bay:

Listen to the Healey sound

Removing all parts from interior and repairing fuelpump

Starting the body work

Removing all paint with 3M bruches and painted parts

Installing new stainless steel side pipes before engine start

Repair brake/clutch pump

First drive with car after repair carbs en brake/clutch pump

All body parts finished and painted with epoxy primer.

Now I'm ready for the Mechanics {06-05-2007}

=> no more bolts / nuts in frame

Removed gearbox and engine
Drained brakepipes and clutch .
All parts removed

Frame restoration:
- removal paint and grease (sand blasting)
- repair motor supports => cracked typical for Austin Healey
- redo seaming
- one layer epoxy primer
- second layer with std primer
- Waiting for final blue paint => some issues encountered with paint codes from 1963 - 1964

results of eating sand and dust

Finally sprayed in the blue color (06/10/07)

Part 1 =>Installing all mechanics back in the car (17/12/07)

Part 2 =>Installing all mechanics back in the car (18/02/08)

The wheels afters sandblast and paint

Installing engine after replacing the piston rings (07/06/08)

More then 7 weeks to finally receive the correct rings => don,t trust all parts suppliers

First start of revised engine

Repair trim panels

Two year and 5 days later

Some pictures after final paint ( 25/08/08). Notice the very nice job performed
by Lasseel BvbA. The car looks like just coming out the factory somewhere back
in 1963. (Lasseel coordinates see favorite links)

Approching the final stage

Almost finished (15/03/09)

Finished  car + license plates (17/04/09)

















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