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Back in the nineties (yes, that's the 20th century !), before Facebook and blogs and Youtube and Flickr and what not, people who wanted to be "on the web" made "personal web pages" : you'd get internet access, and your Internet Service Provider would offer you some (free) disk space where you could create your own personal website.

This is such a personal website. I used it mainly to collect links to stuff I found interesting, and as a place to keep stuff I wrote - various stuff, written for various reasons. As the site needed a name, I called it "My DotCom", since I started doing this during the DotCom Era, and prefixing IT product names with "My" was the height of user friendliness in those days. Seriously.
Likewise, I invented "dotcom" compayny names as unifying themes for the categories of information that I was putting online.

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What can you find here ?

hacker emblem

How to become a Hacker in 2743 easy lessons

All sorts of computer and IT related stuff.

This includes

The Silly Software Company (logo)

The Silly Software Company

The Silly Software Company : Masters in Poor Folks' Technology !
Programming, silly and half usefull programs, ...

Useless Publications (logo)

Useless Publications unlimited

miscellaneous writings that I find funny or otherwise entertaining, and links to other peoples' pages of a similar nature.

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