The web pages you are visiting or are about to visit, are means to communicate information. Just as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, there is a thing or two to say about information and communication as well.

Knowledge and understanding reside in the brain. Every brain is unique. The way one person understands 'reality' is therefore that persons very own 'reality'. It might have very little to do with another person's reality, or with reality as such - which probably does not exist anyway : if a tree falls in a forest, . . .

Therefore the information in these pages may well be completely incorrect in your reality.

Even in case the information in these pages is correct, it also needs to be communicated through unreliable means, such as language, style, layout, etc.
It is a know fact that 60% of all communication is miscommunication. : what one person says, and what a listener thinks that person said, are two separate things.

Considering all of the above,

the author of these pages, and his relatives and friends, can not be held responsible in any way for any damage to your computer and its environment, including but not limited to loss of data, hair, valuable time, and occasionally a girlfriend or boyfriend. No claim, legal or other, can be made against the author of these pages, or his friends, relatives, neighbors, associates and acquaintances regarding the effects the information (including software) contained in or referred to in these pages may have on your computer system, your personal or social life, your school results, your wife's mood swings, or any other aspect of life, the universe and all the rest.