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File Transfer Protocol under DOS

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an internet protocol designed for file transfer, i.e. copying files from one computer to another. Typically it is used to upload your personal web pages from your own computer, where you created them, to your internet provider's server where they can be visited by users of the internet. FTP is also often used to download files from the internet.

There are a couple of nice FTP applications, which offer a user-friendly interface to use FTP : in stead of typing ftp commands you select options from menus, click on items etc. CuteFTP is a beautiful example, and it's shareware : free for trial during 1 month after you first use it, and then you're supposed to register it otherwise it will display banners. One can live with that.GlobalScape CuteFTP

FTP can be used in a DOS session as well. If you can connect your computer to the internet, you'll most likely be able to start an FTP session. So if you don't have an FTP application, or want to understand what exactly an application like CuteFTP does when you upload or download files to and from a server, you've com to the right place.

Here's two examples of using FTP under DOS, each with the option to run them semi-automatically, with a minimum of intervention from the user (no need to enter each and every command).

Using ftp under DOS to copy backups to another computer : click here

publishing your own personal web site on the internet using FTP under DOS : click here