Backup Server

Linux backup server for networks

This is part of a write-up of an attempt to use Linux as a "Small Business Server". As added value, we look into solutions to backup servers and workstations on a (small to medium sized) network to a central backup store on a Linux server, but can be used to backup both Windows and Linux computers on the network. Where possible, the backup server manages and executes the backup jobs. Data is back-upped to the backup server's disks and/or tape.

FIXME: maybe build on something like this for linux hosts. Windows : files through Samba ? Registry and Bare metal Domain recovery through ntbackup ? What about database backups ?

work in progress

consider cp, scp, rsync, deltacopy, FTP, sftp, ...

backups: special cases : backup and restore for system configuration, dynamic web pages, databases and database systems, ....

Koen Noens
October 2007