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Webbased GUI for System Administration

This is part of a write-up of an attempt to use Linux as a "Small Business Server", where setup a number of services and applications to use a Linux system as a server for Windows host. We(ve taken a minimal approach : a lot of command line stuff, no graphical interfaces, strictly business. However, the more complex services (samba, apache, user management, ...) offer web interfaces for system administration. Although we prefer a bulk automated approach with scripts, a GUI could come in handy every now and then, for small modifications that don't justify the use of scripts, while you don't exactly remember that specifix syntax for the command line switch that does whatever it is you're trying to do.

So we apt-get install webmin. This will give us a webinterface to system administration tools from remote hosts, over https pn tcp port 10000 (default) : https://server:10000

The configuration lives in /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf. For remote access, you wil need to add the ip adresses of the remote workstations, otherwise you'll get an access denied error. This can be networks / ipranges (ipaddress/maskbits notation) or host names as well. So combined with dynamically updated DNS, that should be OK.

	allow=		#space separated list
	alwaysresolve=1				#so we can use host names

Many other directives, eg : port on which webmin listens, etc.

Koen Noens
October 2005