Batch file to create computer accounts in Active Directory. The list of computer accounts to be created, is included in the batch file : this batch file reads itself as inputfile.

The following script obviously assumes a certain design in the Active Directory : an Organizational Unit logical structure, users with membership to groups, therefore also a logical structure of somain local and global groups, etc. This is described in Active Directory Design and Implementation.

@GOTO batch

computer	Desription				Location
PC01	testPC01
PC02	testPC02
PC03	testPC03
LAP02	laptop_test1
LAP03	laptop_test2

@echo off
REM Koen Noens
REM March 2005

REM structuur van AD nog bekijken, en dit script aanpassen indien nodig
REM voorlopig : 	- OU = theOffice/computers
REM			- alle computers in zelfde OU
set theDomain=dc=kicks, dc=local
dsadd ou "ou=computers, ou=theOffice, %theDomain%" 

FOR /F "skip=4 tokens=1-3" %%i in (%0)do (
	if "%%i" == "" GOTO BATCHEND
	if "%%i" == ":batch" GOTO BATCHEND

	dsadd computer "cn=%%i, ou=computers, ou=theOffice, %theDomain%" -SAMID %%i -desc %%j

exit /B


Koen Noens
june 7, 2005