Batch of commands to execute after Windows 98 Setup, to include Support Tools, Resource Kit, and various other software that is not by default included in the setup. When a Windows 98 system has to be included in a more modern environment, such as a Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain, additional client software can be added to the Windows 98 system to support some of these newer features.

We only need to run this script on Windows 98 systems. It can be included in and run from a modified Windows 98 setup CD - e.g. triggered by a windows 98 unattended setup - or from a network location, e.g. triggered by the logon script. As Windows XP and other NT systems don't need to run this script, we test for the presence of a %USERDOMAIN% environment variable, which doen not exist on Windows 98 : this allows us to distinguish between Windows 98 systems and NT-based systems.

The software that we want to add here can be downloaded from the Microsoft (Download, Technet, Support) website. dsclient is available on the Windows 2000 Server CD.

The dsclient executable calls a built-in setup executable aan, so to make a silent install that builtin setup.exe has to be made silent as well. Hence the somewhat peculiar command line syntax.


	ECHO WMIcore full install, silent
	Start /Wait \\SRV01\Install\W98Updates\WMICORE /S /snmp

	ECHO ADSI Client, silent install
	Start /Wait \\SRV01\Install\W98Updates\ads98  /Q

	ECHO update Windows Scripting Host, silent install
	Start /Wait  \\SRV01\Install\W98Updates\scr56en  /Q

	ECHO AD Client, silent install
	Start /Wait \\SRV01\Install\W98Updates\dsclient.exe /Q /C:"setup.exe /q"

	ECHO You must now reboot your computer to complete the installation



Koen Noens
june 7, 2005