Batch of commands to execute after Operating System Setup, to include Support Tools, Resource Kit, and various other software that is not by default included in the setup. Note that the msi-packages can be executed with options and switches to perform an unattended, silent install. This is not (yet) implemented here.

REM assuming CD drive = D:\

REM i386
XCOPY D:\DUTCH\WIN2003\STANDARD\i386 C:\i386\ /S

REM Support Tools

REM Admin Pak
START /WAIT D:\DUTCH\WIN2003\STANDARD\i386\adminpak.msi

REM assuming we have a CD with additional stuff :

REM Group Policy Manager & Group Policy Common Scanarios
START /WAIT D:\GPMC\gpmc.msi
START /WAIT D:\GPMC\GroupPolicyCommonScenarios.msi


Koen Noens
june 7, 2005