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SQL Tutorial W3 Schools E
SQL Tutorial E
Inleiding SQL Mark Andries rather complete introduction to SQL NL
Databases - relational
Databases - Introduction Koen Noens E
Oracle Home of Oracle, The Rolls Royce of database management systems E
Oracle Primer Quick Start Guide to Oracle : Installation of an Oracle database management system, and introduction to some Oracle development and query tools E
MySql 'database of choice' for many Linux users who run web servers. GNU public License. Originally designed for fast read operations (as back-end for dynamic web pages), so said to be less robust / reliable and lacking certain features for write operations. This has changed in recent releases. E
MySQL Quick Start Guide Installation and pointers to initial configuration for of a MySQL rdbms, plus how to quickly create simple databases E
MySql Front-ends Quick intro to the installation and setup of database front-ends and administration tools for MySQL E
Microsoft SQL Server Home of Microsoft SQL Server, or Microsoft's version of Sybase E
Microsoft SQL Server Quick Setup Guide Quick Start Setup Guide for a reasonable yet not too complicated MS SQL Setup E
Microsoft SQL Server v7 - Introduction SIP - Scholen Internet en Informatica Project Introduction course to SQL server v7. NL
Sybase Home of Sybase. Said to be more performance-oriented (and therefore less robust ... ?) than Oracle. E
PostgreSQL fully featured open source dbms E
Databases - object oriented
Intersystems "Cache" object database Intersystems Caché Object databases are capable of storing 'objects' as defined in Object-Oriented programming languages - e.g. an object database stores not just data (~object properties) but also methods. Object databases therefore integrate more naturally with OO languages (such as Java) than relational databases do. E
Databases - other systems
ADABAS SoftwareAG ADABAS is was one of the first database systems E
Informix International Informix User Group The mother of all relational databases E
Databases - SQL and reporting tools
free software database frontends in GNU free software directory GNU free software directory Index of the SQL section of the GNU Free Software Directory - a collection of software released under the GNU Public License E
SQuirreL (IBM technical article) SQuirreL SQL client: A single, open source front end to interact with various databases E
birt SQL editor / report creation tool. Part of the eclipse development environment (but can be installed separately) and oriented towards integration with Java/J2EE E
jsqltool ODBC - JDBC sql front-end. Interactive SQl with editing of data directly in the tables, and export to csv and xml E
guna Guna Project ODBC interactive SQL front-end. open source - but Windows only E
Oracle BI Publisher Oracle Technology Network Free download.
reporting / business intelligence tool from Oracle. xml-based report tool that sits between the database and the application you use to represent the data. Compatible with other front-ends eg MS Office apps : Design a report template in MS Word, and use BI Publisher to get data, generate graphs, etc
Oracle SQL Developer Oracle Technology Network GUI query creation and database management tool for Oracle databases. Free download. E
phpMyAdmin web (php-based) interactive sql front-end for MySQL databases E
Crystal Reports Crystal Decisions E
Create database reports with Open Office ( How to use Open Office Base, Calc and Writer as database frontend, to modify databases (MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, ...), and create reports, mail merge form letters, ... NL
Reports : Van Data naar Informatie Een paar bedenkingen bij Crystal reports, en toelichting bij Microsoft Word Mail Merge en Excel met Externe Data NL