How do computers communicate ?

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Please refer to the Programmingpage for information about batch files, scripting, perl, php etc if you're looking for scripting to automate system and network administration tasks

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Data communication
Cables and Connectors Survival Guide

Quick reference to UTP data and telephone wiring, RJ11,12 and RJ45 connector pinouts E
Connectivity Knowledge Platform

Datacomm references (hardware/physical) and intro's to other protocols E
3Com Solutions 3Com (pdf) A collection of technical articles (.pdf format) by 3Com. Subjects cover devices and techniques on the lower network levels : cables, NIC, hubs and switches, routing, LAN and WAN technology, ... E
The Storm before the COM PC Lube and Tune
COM ports, Serial and Parallel Datacommunication E
Ethernet PC Lube and Tune
The Bottom Line of most LAN's E
First Steps to Understanding Networks Koen Noens
with Do It Yourself Projects and How To's E
TCP/IP for DOS Koen Noens
connect a DOS computer to a network or to the internet E
Daryl's TCP/IP Primer

Excellent introduction to understanding TCP/IP E
IP Address Subnetting Tutorial

IP Address Subnetting Tutorial E
VLAN - Virtual LAN 3Com (pdf) the What, How and Why of Virtual LAN 's E
The Unix and Internet fundamentals Eric S. Raymond
includes basic knowledge on how the internet works E
Sockets : How do programs get network connectivity ? introduction to (BSD-)sockets, the standard mechanism for applications to talk to other applications over a TCP/IP network NL
Winsocks and DOSsocks Nucleus Electronics .pdf explains what Winsocks and DOSsocks is, and how to call its functions in a program E
How Stuff Works : The Internet How Stuff Works
From the excellent 'How Stuff Works' site :Internet infrastructure explained. Also answer the question 'Is the internet also available in print, and where can I buy it ? ' E
Internetworking Handbook Cisco

Connecting a LAN to the Internet

Theory and praxis of several methods to connect a LAN to the internet
Network Address Translation
pps quick intro to Network Address and Port Translation NL
Connecting a LAN to the Internet Koen Noens
Small theoretical intro + Howto / do-it-yourself projects E
Connecting a LAN to the Internet

connect a LAN to the internet through a Linux server, with clients using separate PPP accounts E
Scheduling your internet connection Koen Noens
Micro-HowTo : using Linux as a router or firewall, you can schedule your internet connection so that it only works on given dates, days, or times. E
Network Administration
Netwerkbeheer II

Network and System Administration training overview, with links to related sites and tools NL
Automatic Proxy Configuration

Network Security
Security Intro

General concepts of network security and user management. Links to more detailed discussions and case study of user management and security on Linux and Windows systems. E/NL
Windows File Sharing vulnerability

Always wanted to know how it's done, breaking in to a another computer over the internet ? This howto gives an idea on how it could be done, and demonstrates how easy it can be. Provides some information on DOS network commands as well E
Windows Home Networking Security Issues C.E.R.T.
Extensive list of security threats when you set up a home network under Windows. Detailed technical background info. E
Cisco : A beginners guide to network security (.pdf) Cisco

Network Security : Firewalls

Safely connecting a LAN to the internet : general firewall concepts E
Firewall Layout

Safely connecting a LAN to the internet : where and how to build the firewall E
Honey Net : papers Honey Pot, Honey Net.
Introduction to the several aspects of network security and network intrusion. Seen from both the attacker's and the defender's side. Focus on defence by knowing your enemy. With 'HoneyPot' strategy : decoy systems for 'hackers' to find and exploit, to keep them away from the 'real'targets, and to observe and better understand their techniques. E
Armoring Linux Lance Spitzner
Introduction to Firewalls and Network Security for a Linux server E
Linux Internet Gateway : router, firewall, connection sharing, ... Koen Noens Internet Connection Sharing, Routing, Network Address Translation, Firewall with Debian Linux / iptables E
Linux Network Monitor introduction to some Linux network monitoring tools E
Exploits SecuriTeam
Web site dedicated to (internet) security. The'Exploits' page describes in detail (incl. source code) exploits of flaws and security holes in operating systems and applications. Also offers security tools, which might as well be tools to bypass security. E
The Who, What and Where of web server attacks

Mind If I come In ? WLAN Penetration in 5 steps

Wireless LAN's are becoming increasingly popular, but out of the box, with (at best) only WEP as security, anyone can walk right in. E
Network Applications
How Does a DHCP client obtain his configuration Description of the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol E
DHCP Concepts on a Windows (2000) Server Windows 2000 Server Help E
DHCP in action understanding Dynamic Host configuration Protocol by looking at it while the DHCP packets run over the wires E
Dealing with DNS

understanding Domain Name Service E
command line SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol commands : sending mail from the command line (telnet) by using SMTP commands. Illustrates how SMTP email works. E
Apache Documentation Project Apache Web Server - home page
Apache Web Server - open source web server. Reputedly the best web server around. E
Distributed Applications and The Web PC Lube and Tune
introduction to JAVA, Javascript, CGI HTML forms E
Tools and LookUp
Daryl's Subnet Calculator Daryl's TCP/IP Primer Calculate IP addresses and subnet masks in decimal and binary
Wildpackets Subnet Calculator
Service Port Numbers IANA Well-Known and Registered UDP and TCP port numbers E
FTP commands Help : FTP commands at the prompt E
Freesco Routers Freesco free, fully functional software router, based on Linux operating system, but runs on DOS and Windows systems. Turns an old 386 PC into a real router. E
RouterSim RouterSim Network Routing and Switching Simulator. Great for learning about and testing network design, routing, router configuration and switching. E
GFI LanGuard Network Security Scanner GFI Network Inventory and Security Auditing Tool E