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The Art of Unix programming Eric S. Raymond draft, with a strong focus on programming in/for a Unix environment. Chapter 1 is a good general intro to software development. E
The Cathedral and the Bazaar Eric S. Raymond essay on software development approaches - the open source approach opposed to the closed, commercial style E
Rob van der Woude's Scripting Pages Reference, examples, tips, tricks etc on batch, vb script, kix, etc. One-Stop-Shopping for all your scripting needs E
W3 Schools web development. tutorials on client- and server-side scripts on a variety of languages. E
Programming exercises Koen Noens some simple programs in DOS batch language , Visual Basic, C++ and some other languages - mainly exercises from programming courses
Analysis and Software Engineering
Software Design Joel On Software some DO's and DON'T's in programming, applications development and the likes. Focus on leading a team of developers or a software design project. E
Linux Shell Script
Bash Programming Howto Mike G Writing shell scripts in bash, the default Linux shell. Covers all the basics (variables, loops, tests and conditions, ... ) E
Advanced Bash scripting Mendel Cooper Beyond the basics : An in-depth exploration of the art of shell scripting E
String manipulation in the Bash shell A must have : As Linux / Unix configuration is done in plain text files, programmatically reading and writing text files and modifying strings allows you to automate even the most complex configurations from a shell script. And if all else fails, there's still sed and awk. E
sed one-liners sed commands to edit text files from a command prompt or a shell script E
Introduction to awk awk is actually a scripting language for text editing. Small awk scripts can be used as commands in a Linux shell, for elaborate text editing and string manipulation. E
Linux Shell Script Tutorial general introduction + elementary bash reference with examples E
QBASIC Programming for kids Ted Felix using QBASIC as an introduction to Programming. Very good 'first steps' approach - not just for kids -E-
Visual Basic Script - VBS
Tricks and Tips A couple of basic techniques for Visual Basic scripts E
The C++ Programming Language Bjarne Soustrup C++ page by the man who created C++. Nl
Tag lines C and C++ one-liners E
Java Tutorial Java - Sun Java tutorial. Learn programming Java applications and Java applets from scratch. E
Brainjar technical articles, tutorials and examples of JAVA programming for the web. It's not intended as a "cut and paste" site but rather a learning resource. E
Danny Neelen Beginners course in JavaScript NL
JavaScript Page Resource see also : Web design Java script : Java-like script language, very useful for creating more dynamic web sites E
Python home of Python, a powerful programming and scripting language. Language of choice for many Ubuntu Linux developers. Supports Object Orientation and has a syntax that allows for clean, concise, human-readable code. Integrates well with other programming languages and frameworks for GUI programming. Platforms : Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, OS/2, Amiga, and many others (hand-held devices, java virtual machines, .NET.) E
Perl home of Perl, a relatively easy yet powerful scripting language. Looks/feels a bit like C/C++. Very popular in the Unix/Linux community, but exists for Windows and Mac OSX as well. Often used to automate network administration tasks and (web) server management. E
PHP : Hypertext Preprocessor home of PHP, a general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development. Can be embedded in html, and is often used to implement content management : generate html with content stored in a database. E
Kixstart home of KiXstart (a.k.a. Kix), a logon script processor and enhanced batch scripting language for a Windows Networking environment. E
DOS Batch Programs
The Silly Software Company Simple tools, written as DOS batch files, mimicking functionality usually found in more elaborate programs. E
The Batman Introduction to and simple examples of batch files E
Sockets : How to get network connectivity in your programs introduction to Winsock and sockets in programming languages such as perl, java, C++ and others. NL
Programs with TCP/IP connectivity : Winsocks and DOSsocks Nucleus Electronics .pdf explains what Winsocks and DOSsocks is, and how to call its functions in a program E
Echo Server code sample in C : an echo server. Proof of Concept code for Socket programming in C E

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