Extreme Make-Over

Automatic System and Network Administration in the Small Office


In this case study, the author investigates and illustrates how professional system administration could be applied to and implemented in a ‘Small Office’ environment, such as in Small Businesses or in the offices of non-profit social, cultural and charitable organizations. In many such offices, the information technology is the result of ‘organical growth’ rather than design. Often, this result is chaotic and unmanageable.


To introduce a 'Managed Environment' that is reproducable, the sollution presented here builds heavily on command line tools and scripts. Please refer to this list of system administration scripts.

These articles are oriented towards a Microsoft Windows environment. Of course, you can apply the ideas behind it to linux as well.

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Work In Progress
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(June 7th, 2005 :) English version not available (yet). Please refer to the dutch version (and perhaps try a webpage translator ...). Sorry for the inconvenience.


Koen Noens
June 7th, 2005
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