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Operating Systems

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Free DOS the FreeDOS Project FreeDOS. Open Source implementation of the old MS- / IBM - / PC-DOS. More modern than the obsoleted historical implementations : support for tcpip, feature rich command shell, ... E
DOS page DOS and links to software for DOS E
MS_DOS Help Computer Hope very complete : all command line switches included E
System Administration (Windows) links to papers on and tools for Windows System Administration E
Microsoft Knowledge Base E
Windows Lite Turn Windows 9x / 2000 / XP into a lean, fast and stable Operating System. E
Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
Security and User Management Basic system and network security through user management, on Windows NT and related systems E
User Management Scripts Commands and scripts for Windows NT user administration and filesystem / network security. Also usefull on Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server E
Commandline : DOS and Windows Commands for Windows - real man don't click ... E
Unix / Linux
Linux Help one-stop Linux help site. Explains - better then some man pages - how to use common commands. Also has a quick start newbie section E
The Unix and Internet fundamentals Eric S. Raymond E
Beginners's Guide to UNIX Unix Guru Universe E
From DOS to Linux HOW-TO Linux Documentation Project Seems to be the quick guide to Linux if you know a bit of DOS E
Linux Tutorials Linux Planet absolute beginners : quick introductions to aspects of Linux configuration and maintenance E
Hands-On Linux Practical exercises and Hands-on projects on basic system configuration and administration, including command line interface and shell scripts E
From DOS to Linux HOW-TO Linux Documentation Project Seems to be the quick guide to Linux if you know a bit of DOS E
From Windows to Linux : Get your bearings Tips and advice for Windows users when tackling Linux : the things you've learned when using Windows , don't always work with Linux. Here's why, and what you can do about it. Recommended read for Power Users and System administrators E
Windows sysadmin on Linux : Dude, where is my Active Directory ? For Windows Power Users and System Administrators wondering why there is no Linux alternative for Linux (or is there ?), and how to come to grips with that. E
Linux Tutorials and Knowledge Base Linux Knowledge Base : rather large collection of Linux tutorials that even 'newbies' can understand, howto's, and friendly forums to discuss problems and troubleshoot issues E
The Linux Documentation Project The Linux Documentation Project collects and produces Guides, Manuals, HowTo's etc. for the Linux Operating System and related software. E
SUSE Linux Support SUSE Linux Support site for the SUSE Linux distributions. With extensive hardware database to look up the correct configuration for SUSE Linux with your monitor, sound card, and other hardware. E
Linux for the Small Office - Home Office ? Koen Noens Exploring Linux system administration : network services for small office, home office, small business server - or a beginner's guide to dns, dhcp, smb (samba), www (apache) and other services under Linux E
Scheduling your internet connection Koen Noens Micro-HowTo : using Linux as a router or firewall, you can schedule your internet connection so that it only works on given dates, days, or times. Provides small samples of bash scripting and text file configuration under Linux E
Linux on old PC's : X terminal use old PC's with Linux E
"Linux is obsolete" Discussion from 1992 : Linux is obsolete, featuring Andy Tannebaum. E
Multiboot Primer how to use more than 1 operating system on 1 pc Nl
Drivers Linux Planet What are drivers, why do you need them, how does it work. Linux context, but with sufficient background to make it interesting for non-linux users as well. Nl