HTML : the Internet Languague

This page focuses on HTML and related WWW issues. For scripting, please refer to the Programming page for information about script languagues that are often used in web pages, such as perl, php, javascript etc.

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HTML primers and tutorials
Getting started with HTML W3C
Introduction with quick links to "Advanved" and "Style" E
NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML NSCA

The global structure of an HTML Document W3C
The standards on html E
HTML Compendium HTML Compendium

HTML - Advanced W3C

HTML 4 Reference W3C

Server Side Include
Server Side Includes : use the web server's build-in functions to make your web pages less static. E
Style Sheets
W3C Style Guide W3C/MarkUp/Guide

W3C style recommendations W3C

Introduction to META tags Koen Noens


W3C Introduction W3C

W3C : Standards, Guidelines and Validators
W3C Home

HTML and XHTML validator

HTML and XHTML validator E
CSS Validator

Style Sheet Validator E
Accessability and Design Issues
Web Design Tutorial Yale University
Style and design from a developer's point of view rather E
Web Accessibility Initiative W3C

Accessible Design Any Browser Campain
Best Viewed with Any Browser E
Web Pages from Hell Eric S. Raymond

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and Vanity Counters
Improve search engine rankings

cheating to improve search engine rankings is not a good idea, but you may want to avoid common mistakes that ruin your rankings E
Google's Webmaster Guidelines Google's Webmaster Help Center
Everyone wants to be in Google, and it's just that easy :
good content and a technically sound website is all it takes. Cheating does NOT help.
Sitemap Generator Offline website generator to automatically generate Google-compatible sitemaps - for those who can not run Google Sitemap Generator directly on a web server. Like me. E