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Useless Publications unlimited

We got away with words

Useless Publications unlimited was well-established publishing firm that lost a lot of its impact when, form 1995 on, the so-called "World Wide Web" gained popularity. The core activity of Useless Publications, i.e. the publishing of all sorts of accessiele (pseudo)-scientific information about life, the universe and the rest, was quickly rendered obsolete by the huge ammounts of similarly useless publications on "the Web".

Useless Publications Unlimited

Useless Publications tried to put a stop to its decline by becoming a dotcom - the company is now only represented by some useless publications on the world wide web.

The ultimate way of Driving : - unknown, June 2001.
A personal reflection on the many aspects of owning and driving a Citroen 2CV, aka 2PK or 'mijn geit'.
How to Become a Hacker in 2473 easy lessons : The Hacker Library
What is "Hacking" ?
Fake Linux
How to pretend you know "Linux"
Your best bet : Russian Roulette
Probability to survive a game of Russian Roulette, compared to the odds of winning at roulette, slot machines, and poker.
My Way on the Highway : Slipstream Surfing
Applied Physics : using slipstream for better performance in traffic.
Brain in Gear - No Need for Speed
How to outrun faster and more powerful cars with a little help from Newtonian physics and Pythagoras' trigonometry.
A Question of Multiple Choice
How to beat the odds and pass a multiple choice test effortlessly - in a scientific manner.
Getting it straight : building on wrong assumptions
About the scientific impossibility to build a house with level floors, straight walls and right angles. Exploring scientific lies about vertical and horizontal lines and how architects and construction engineers pretend that the earth is flat.
Blues for Nerds
Can computers have the blues ? Can nerds play the blues ? What are the mathematical and physical principles behind western music - and why does blues sound blue ?
The Writing on the Wall : evocation of a late 20th century art form
Inleiding in the denkologie,
(c) 1992 e.v.
Dutch version only. Inleiding in de denkologie, Conrad Nolens. Introduction by K. Van Duivendam.

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