wandering neone

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Hi all,
welcome to this alternative micro project I'm working on, testing out really.
This micro website is an minimal/dada experiment with dealing with webdesign among other things, and more and more useless data that covers the internet. So this is an attempt to reduce it to the bone with basic html tech saying dada to for instance wordpress and other tech.
The links above covers most of my activities, mostly creative in nature; art, design, studies, ao things.

the medium link is my blog, where you can find the latest thingy's where I focus on,
twitter is where I tweet things like a little bird, experimenting also with an automatic remover of older tweets.
soundcloud and mixcloud are my links towards audio/music experiments I work on
youimagine involves 3D printing experimenting
shower is a collection of media, there whenever I need a mental shower
teardrops is an audio/video mix that I made some time ago

kind regards,