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::Neva Masquerade ::

Very affectionate, agreeable and fond of human company, enjoys being petted


The organised breeding of the "Newskaja Maskaradnaja", as it is called in its homeland, began in Russia around 1978.
It was named after the river Neva.
The first Neva Masquerade came to Germany twelve years later.

The breeder Hans Schultz brought it over from Saint Petersburg.
The Neva Masquerade is a colour point variant of the Siberian cat.

::Overall appearance::

At first sight this breed looks like a cross between a Maine Coon and a Norwegian Forest Cat.
His body is moderately long with a short, strong neck.
The Neva Masquerade's head is shaped like a short triangle with a slightly curved forehead and a broad, slightly concave nose.
Ears are broad at the base and set wide apart.
Fur tufts are very desirable and the inner ear is thickly covered with hair.
Slightly oval eyes are rounded at the bottom, somewhat slanted, set well apart and preferably dark blue in colour.
The legs are strong, not too long, and have large, round, strong paws.
Prominent fur tufts between the toes are a must.
The tail is broad and strong at the base and should reach forward to the shoulder blade.
It tapers to the end into a thick tip and is covered with long hair.
The coat is thick, particularly on the neck, chest, legs and tail, is firm, dense, shiny and very soft on the flanks.
The undercoat becomes thinner during warmer seasons, but in winter the structure is very dense and fine.
The Neva Masquerade is bred in colorpoint, mitted and bi-colour.