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The Whirling Ear Kunstberg Brussels

The Bayard Horse -  Namen

In 1958, the Whirling Ear, a creation of American sculptor Alexander Calder was part of the USA pool.  After years of negligence it is now placed nearby the Congres Hall which once was built to relieve the Heysel Conference Halls during Expo 58.


The location of O. Strebelle’s masterpiece as found just near the Ardennen bridge. 

This sphere of crude magnesium was part of the pavilion of Austria in 1958. It symbolized the richness of minerals in that country. It’s now the eyecatcher of the Antwerp Building Center.

Tourist Train Bokrijk - Genk

Since 1959 two Expo trains (Mercedes 319) were set in for visitor trips in the Bokrijk Domain.  In the eighties the original trucks became a horrible face lift. Since the early nineties the former Expo trains were replaced by a new futuristic Bokrijk Shuttle.

The remains of the trains are placed on an open air location of an abandoned industry terrain in Limbourg. After inspection, trains can not be saved anymore because of their mutilations and too rotten parts, unfortunate !

Horse Transport - somewhere in Antwerp

A change meeting with a nice horse transport on its way to picking up the guests of a wedding anniversary. This trailer was part of the Pontiac publicity mobile. It was pulled by a Mercedes truck mounted with a large watch on it.

 Other Expo Items

Expo sticker

Original Expo sticker on this Traction Avant owned by an inhabitant of my hometown.

Jukebox - Menen

Conference Hall - Liège

Not an Expo building but this Conference Hall got especially built to relieve the Heysel Conference Halls in Brussels during Expo 58.

Discovered in the Jukebox Museum.

This AMI jukebox, calling the Expo-model, was decorated with genuine Expo souvenirs.


This park is situated close to the Northsea beach and is especially constructed for Expo 58 with subsidies of the world fair. The publicly part of this domein has paved footpads and is accessible via 3 entries. The park is renowed for its rare dune-flora.

In 1958, the slope terrain of park « 3 Bronnen » was fixed up for Expo visitors as Camping WT1958 . Together with a small neglected service building, there still are several rusty connecting boxes spreaded over the grounds.

Way back in ‘58, many important customs offices were equipped with extra buildings used by Expo hostesses to provide travellers with Expo information.

Park 58 - Duinbergen

Welcome pavilion - Wuustwezel

Park 3 Bronnen - Vilvoorde

Far West Country Club - Tremelo

These dilapidated wooden constructions were part of The Far West Show which was localized at the Marly terrain nearby the Heysel grounds. This biggest show on earth had its performance during the Brussels world fair and was widly applauded by the Expo-visitors. Unfortunately, due to their difficult neighbours, the present owners have to redevelop these grounds by smashing the place up.

Object Mathematique - Eindhoven

This unique work of art got recently restored by students of the Technical University Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

It was designed by Le Corbussier as a beacon for the entrance of Le Poeme Electronique, well-known as the Philips pavilion at Expo 58.

Expo bridge - Duisburg (Germany)

In the nineties the bridge got moved a few yards farther on  to link the Duisburg University with a restful park.

Bridge became a thorough restoration but dispite the graffity it is in great shape

Once this bridge joined the German pavilion with the overpass. In the early sixties it got transported to Germany for connecting the Duisburg Zoo with its expanded part across the highway (black and white picture)

Taverne Dirk Martens - Aalst

The interior of this cosy pub comes from  the Safir café which was part of the folklore section in 1958. Brewery « De Gheest » ran this establishment during the exhibition. The manager is a real  fifties freak and a genuin music lover. His pub is worth visiting !

All these buildings were part of the « Motel Expo » complex, especially built for lodging Expo visitors in 1958.  There are several alley’s with Expo names such as Atomiumlaan and dozens of these buildings, some funny painted, are used now for social rental. The flat building was the former reception office “Eden”, it was pulled down a couple years ago.

Social Quarter / Eden - Wilrijk

Cité Modele Meise - Brussels

This ‘city in a city’ is built close to the Heysel grounds and called the « Expo Motel » during the 1958 exhibition. This 12 quarters large district could lodge more than 5000 people. Some buildings are more than 15 floors high and several are more than dozens of metres in lenght. Even a community center together with a covered gallery, some stores and a petrol-station were part of this motel.

Based on the idea of Le Corbussier this complex is now called the Model City and is used for rental. Most of the inhabitiants got splendid views of the Brussels skyline.  The tapered construction houses a unique central heating system for all the buildings. The community hall with its modern sixties design is in original shape.

Tram Museum - Brussels

There are several Expo sign’s on the walls in the Brussels tram museum. Also a beautiful restored fifties bus. Especially for the W.F. dozens of these buses got purchased in 1958.