SIS: Secret Infiltration Service

- Nico Ekkart
Everybody was working hard at SIS, best known as MI6, the British intelligence. Sir Richard Dearlove, the Chief detective, was investigating the murder of two sisters. Sir John Scarlett, Dearlove’s assistant, was testing his gun-shooting skills at the shooting-range.
Scarlett took his final shot.
Just as he hit the target, everything went completely dark. Both Dearlove and Scarlett were immediately comforting their minors, while blaming each other for the outage. Everyone was finally calmed down, when the lights went on again.
Dearlove started investigating what happened, if anything was lost and who could be blamed for the outage. He let the system scan for any changes in the database, and after a few minutes, it found that something was missing. Thousands of files of the most dangerous criminals currently alive were stolen, it wasn’t a normal power outage, it was a distraction for a cyber-attack.
He called for an emergency meeting with the chiefs, the main-detective and a delegate of the queen.Welcome, everyone. I’m sorry to call you in such a rush, but this is an emergency of international importance.
Yesterday, all files of the criminals had been stolen, by distracting us. We do not yet have any suspects, but my team is working on it non-stop. We have no evidence on what the criminal is planning to do with the files, but if I were the criminal, I would use the data to set some of them free. What do you think of the situation, what should we do?
Everybody in the room was looking clueless at the chief, stunned by the situation. Suddenly, Francis Wallingham, the delegate of the queen stepped in. I think your overreacting. How could he possibly use the data to set criminals free? This is just a waste of time.
What can he do with the data, you ask? Take this as an example: Our criminal wants to set free Charles Bronson. He looks at the data and sees that he will be moved to HMP Wakefield, and in the file of Wakefield Prison he can find that the security system will be on maintenance in April. That's when he can set Bronson free.
Wallingham was speechless. Not only did his appreciation for Dearlove as chief of SIS increase, he also just got put on his place, a simple representative. I suggest we maximize security in the top prisons. But that shouldn't be our top priority. The best thing we can do is finding the criminal, and stopping him. They came to an agreement, based on Scarlett's idea. They maximized the security of top prisons, but their focus was mainly on finding the criminal.
When everyone was gone, the two chiefs were standing there all by themselves. Now how are we going to track him, there's no evidence, or is there?There isn't any right now, but I bet we'll find some clues by looking in the database logs of yesterday.
10:25 sanitary check OK
10:30 sanitary check OK
10:35 sanitary check OK
10:37 data 0XAB765 requested by ACCESS DENIED
10:38 data 0XAB765 requested by ACCESS GRANTED
No, it can't be. John, I think we've got a problem. The hacker is one of our spies in BIC HQ. There's a traitor amongst us. They were both shocked. I say we go to the HQ and ask the chief in function, John Sawers.
Arrived at Hanslope Park, they asked for John Sawers. Surprisingly enough, he wasn't there. His assistant told them he was in Aberdeen, Scotland investigating a case. At least they let us inShe immediately called Sawers, letting him know who was there. Let's search for the main computer, we need to check out the schedule of that day I have worked here for ten years. I know this place like the back of my hand. The central computer should normally be in department D. Take a right here
They arrived at the central computer, and Dearlove started typing some things. Suddenly the schedule for the day of the power outage popped up. Between ten and eleven AM, twenty people were in this building, including Sawer. He must be on his way, since that sneaky assistant called him. I say we'll just wait here, he'll be here anytime.
Two hours had passed. Sawer wasn’t there yet. Dearlove suggested asking his secretary where he was. He won’t be here anytime soon. As I said earlier, he’s in Glasgow, investigating a caseThat’s weird, I thought he was in Aberdeen Well, yeah, well they’re close together aren’t they, I must have misspoken Dearlove said he accepted the answer, but he knew she was hiding something.
What’s the problem, Richard, did you notice anything odd?Something isn’t right here; Glasgow is 200 miles away from Aberdeen, why couldn’t she just say where he really was. I know she was lying, I had that feeling again, JohnYour instincts are almost always right, Richard, but I trust Mister Sawer, I trained him and we worked side by side.Did I say anything about Sawer? I just told you that assistant can’t be trusted. She has no proof she was his real assistant.
Back at their own Headquarters, Dearlove searched for something in their database. A certain person named Stella Rimington Who’s that?It’s the real secretary of John Sawers; I saw it on the name tag. Let’s see how she looks. That’s definitely not her, she’s an imposter Do you have any theory of what happened, Richard? I do not. But I think we might get a bit further by finding Sawer. How are we possibly going to do that? I forgot that I have his phone number right here. I’ll just give him a call
Hi, Richard, What’s the matter? Nothing, just tell me where you are right now! Take it easy there. You know I’m on vacation, you gave it to me I did what? You gave me the permission to go on a vacation two weeks ago, are you ok? No, I’m not. We were hacked by a computer in your department. They told us you were in Scotland investigating something. You need to come here as soon as possible, that’s an order! If I take the first plane, I can be there in 8 hours. Go, fast!

He’ll be here in 8 hours. We’re in serious trouble.

8 hours later...
I’m here, sorry for the problems I brought you in. I’ll fix this immediately. I will go to my HQ and see what’s going on. Then I’ll … No! This might be dangerous; there are probably dangerous criminals in there. Going out there alone will be instantaneous death. I will call the intervention team to go with us.
Arrived at Hanslope Park, Scarlett, Sawer and the intervention team were waiting for their cue. Dearlove blew his whistle, and off they went. Everybody put your hands in the air. Don’t move or we will shoot you. Nobody was in the main room. Everybody stay together. We’re going to search room by room.
While everyone was searching for any sign of life, Dearlove stood in front of the exit, in case anyone wanted to flee. We found them, Richard! Come over here I’m a bit busy right now He was fighting the assistant, who tried to leave the building.
With one shot from a sniper in the chest, by a spy that Dearlove secretly took with him, the ‘assistant’ was death. We found 9 guys who were trying to shoot us. They held 6 hostages, my employees.This guy seems to be the leader; I’ll have a word with him.
Every criminal they found, was put behind bars, for endangering the international peace.
Thanks to Dearlove’s clever interrogation with the leader. He found out their plan was indeed to set free several criminals. The leader was later diagnosed with being mentally ill.
“I thank you for your support, Richard” Sawer sincerely said. “Wouldn’t you do the same, if it was your last time? You can call Scarlett your chief now.”