Comparison ESP experiment versus Simulation

The following display shows the selection results of 20 participants. The task of each participant is to try to match their selection with the selection made by a computer.

Esp Experiment 20 Participants 100 Pictures
The results indicates a match off roughly 50% in all the cases. Only in one case the result (39 matches) is clearly outside the 2 sigma range.

The following display shows 20 simulations of 100 selections of 20 participants. Each selection means to select either a left or a right picture. The simulation implies that the actual selection is performed by a RNG.

20 Simulations 20 Participants 100 Pictures

If you compare the two than you can see that the results of the experiment is:

What that means for the group of the 20 participants performing the experiment that as a whole they have ESP capabilities.
There is a but: assuming all those participants are different persons. I hope it does not come as a shock they are not. They are all the same.

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