Scientific American Articles

In the following "essays" articles in Scientific American are discussed:
  1. The Quantum Theory and Reality November 1979 by Bernard d'Espagnat. The article explains Bell inequality.
  2. The Inflationary Universe May 1984 by Alan H. Guth and Paul J. Steinhardt.
  3. The Self-Reproducing Inflationary Universe November 1994 by Andrei Linde.
  4. 100 Years of Quantum Mysteries February 2001 by Max Tegmark and John Archibald Wheeler
  5. Misconceptions about the Big Bang March 2005 by Charles H. Lineweaver and Tamara M.Davis What is the Big Bang
  6. The inflation debate April 2011 by Paul Steinhardt Is the theory at the heart of modern cosmology deeply flawed.
  7. The night sky is a field of stars March 2013 by Steven W Stahler.
  8. Quantum Weirdness? It's all in your mind June 2013 by Hans Christian von Baeyer,
  9. Dwarf Galaxies and the Dark Web March 2014. by Noam I. Libeskind. The Dwarf galaxies in the Milky Way and the issues about halo simulations are discussed.
  10. Cosmology - A Beacon from the Big Bang in Scientific October 2014. by Lawrence M.Kraus. Inflation, Gravitational waves and BICEP2 are discussed.
  11. How Einstein reinvented Reality September 2015 - page 28. by Walter Issacson. General Relativity and The Bending of light are discussed.
  12. Head Trip - Thought experiments September 2015 - page 37. by Sabine Hossenfelder. General Relativity and Thought exepriments are discussed.
  13. A Brief History of Time travel September 2015 - page 58. by Tim Folger. General Relativity and Time travel are discussed.
  14. Is the cosmos Random September 2015 - page 78. by George Musser. General Relativity and God does not play dice.
  15. Black Holes, Worm Holes and the secrets of Quantum Spacetime November 2016 - page 22. by Juan Maldecena. The weird quantum phenomenon of entanglement could produce shortcuts between distant black holes.
  16. Space Tangled Up in Spacetime January 2017 - page 27. by Clara Moskowitz. The collaborative project "It from Qubit" is investigating whether space and time sprang from the quantum entanglement of tiny bits of information.
  17. POP goes the universe February 2017 - page 28. by Anna Ijjas, Paul J. Steinhardt and Abrahom Loeb. The latest astrophysical measurements combined with theoretical problems cast doubt on the long-cherished inflationary theory of the early cosmos.
  18. How to swallow a Sun April 2017 - page 28. by S. Bradly Cenko and Neil Gehrels. New techniques reveal how supermassive black holes shred entire stars
  19. The Quantum Multiverse June 2017 - page 22. by Yasumori Nomura. A surprising connection between cosmology and quantum mechanics could unveil secrets of space and time.
  20. The Unsolvable Problem October 2018 - page 22. by Toby S. Cubitt, David Perez-Garcia and Michael Wolf. A journey into some of the strangest ideas in modern math and physics
  21. Spooky Action December 2018 - page 51. by Ronald Hanson and Krister Shalm. Recent experiments quash the hope that the unsettling phenomenon of quantum entanglement can be explained away.



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