WMAP 45 R and Beta

Figure 5A
l = 1 to 41
Figure 5B
l = 41 to 61
Combined Figure 5A and 5B show for four different simulations the parameters R and Beta as a function of l. Row 63 shows average values of both R and Beta
Row 64 shows average Error values of R
Row 65 shows total error values of R

When you compare the four R value in row 3 than they are almost identical.
The same with the four R value in row 6 and row 20. They are all above 20.
The same with the four R values in the rows: 9, 11, 12, 15, 25,36, 38,39 and 44. They are all above 10.
The Beta values in each of those rows is very similar.

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