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In the following "essays" articles in Nature are discussed:
  1. Dark matter and dark energy In this essay of 2 April 2009 the concept of Dark matter and Dark Energy are challenged.
  2. The solar System's extended shelf life In this essay of 11 June 2009 the simulations of possible collision trajectories between the inner planets leading to chaos are discussed.
  3. Gone with the wind . In this essay of 14 January 2010 the CDM theory is challenged to explain galaxy formation.
  4. Quantum Computing . In this essay of 28 January 2010 the state of the art in Quantum Computers is discussed.
  5. Quantum Computers . In this essay of 3 March 2010 the state of the art in Quantum Computer hardware is discussed.
  6. Guaranteed Randomness & Random numbers certified by Bell's theorem. In both articles of 15 April 2010 problems with true random numbers are discussed.
  7. "Embracing an uncertain future" A history of climate modelling shows that forecasts that knowledge uncertainty will be the way forward, argues Myles Allen. Comments about the 1 July 2010 book review: "A Vast Machine: Computer Models, Climate Data, and the politics of Global Warming" by Paul N. Edwards" .
  8. Is dark energy really a mystery ? In this essay of 15 July 2010 the concept of Dark Energy is challenged by Eugenio and Carlo Rovelli on one side versus Rocky Kolb at the other side.
  9. Data teleportation: The quantum space race ? This News & Views in Nature Vol 552 5 December 2012, by Zeeya Merali starts with the following sentence: "Fierce rivals have joined forces in the race to teleport information to and from space".
  10. Globally networked risks and how to respond In this overview of 2 May 2013 strongly connected, global networks are discussed by Dirk Helbing.
  11. Oversimplifying quantum factoring In this document of 11 July 2013 implementation constraints of Shor's Algorithm are discussed.
  12. Quantum Quest In this document of 12 September 2013 the solution over the paradoxes of Quantum Theory are discussed. Now a few of them are trying to reinvent it.
  13. Packet man Book review by Graham Farmelo (delights in study of Albert Einstein's contribytions to quantum theory) of the book "Einstein and the Quantum: The Quest of the Valiant Swabian". By A. Douglas Stone.
  14. Black holes shrink but endure In this document of 31 October 2013 the concept that Blackholes completely evaporate, is challenged.
  15. QBism puts the scientist back into science In this document of 27 March 2014 the advantage of QBism to explain "Quantum Mechanics" (action at a distance) and "the Now" are explained
  16. The ultimate physical limits of privacy In this document of 27 March 2014 secure cryptographic key generating is discussed using entangled photons based on quantum mechanics
  17. Big Bang blunder bursts the multiverse bubble In this article of 3 June 2014 by Paul Steinhardt the supposed detection of gravity waves are discussed. Gravity waves are the proof that the Inflation theory is correct.
    A critical evalution of the Book "The Inflationary Universe" by Alan H Guth is also discussed.
  18. Bell's theorem still reverberates In this "Comment" of 26 June 2014: Fifty years ago, John Bell made metaphysics testable, but quantum scientist still dispute the implications. Howard Wiseman proposes a way forward.
  19. Quantum Computer Quest In this article of 4 December 2014 by Elizabeth Gibney the present state as of 2014 is discussed. Not much progress is made. "We are somewhere between the invention of the transistor and the invention of the integrated circuit"
  20. Defend the integrity of Physics In this article of 18/25 December 2014 George Ellis and Joe Silk argue that: Attempts to exempt speculatieve theories of the Universe from experimental verification undermine science.
  21. Quantum ‘spookiness’ passes toughest test yet In this article of 27 August 2015 Zeeya Merali argues that: Experiment plugs loopholes in previous demonstrations of 'action at a distance', against Einstein's objections — and could make data encryption safer.
  22. Encryption faces quantum foe In this article of 10 September 2015 Chris Cesare argues that: Researchers urge readiness against attacks from future-generation computers.
  23. Death by experiment for local realism In this "News and View"article of 29 October 2015 Howard Wiseman gives an introduction of an experiments that demonstrates faster than light signals.
  24. Loophole-free Bell inequality violation using electron spins separated by 1.3 kilometers In this "Letter" article of 29 October 2015 B Hensen e.a. argue that: the concept locality is wrong, Einstein was wrong in this case and that faster than lightsignals are possible.
  25. Physicists split by Hawking paper In this "News in focus" article of 28 January 2016 David Castelvecchi argues: Some welcome his latest report as afresh way to solve a BH conundrum; others are unsure of its merits.
  26. Quantum world may be intuitive In this "News" article of 14 April 2016 at page 160 Elizabeth Gibney arques: A computer game suggests that the human mind is adept at grasping the bizarre laws of quantum mechanics
  27. Quantum problems solved through games In this "Research" article of 14 April 2016 at page 184 by Sabrina Maniscalco arques: Humans are better than computers at performing certain tasks because of their intuition and superior visual processing.
  28. Exploring the quantum speed limit with computer games In this "Letter" article of 14 April 2016 Jens Jakob W.H. Sorenson et al arque: Here we report on Quantum Moves, an online platform gamifying optimization problems in quantum physics.
  29. Good data are not enough In this "Comment" article of 3 November 2016 Avi Loeb arques: A vibrant scientific culture encourages many interpretations of evidence.
  30. Quantum cloud goes commercial In this "News" article of 9 March 2017 Davide Castelvecchi arques: IBM plans a system aimed at creating a market for the still-immature technology: Quantum Experience
  31. A World without cause and effect In this "News" article of 27 June 2017 Phill Ball arques: Logic-defying experiments into quantum causality scramble the notion of time itself
  32. Witness gravity's quantum side in the lab In this "Comment" article of 13 July 2017 Chiara Marletto and Vlatko Vedral arques: Physicists should rethink interference experiments to reveal whether or not general relativity follows classical theory
  33. Programming languages and compiler design for realistic hardware In this "Review" article of 14 September 2017 Fredric T.Chong, Diana Franklin & Margret Martonosi argue: Quantum computing sits at an important inflection point.
  34. Quantum machine learning In this "Review" article of 14 September 2017 Jacob Biamonte, Peter Wittek, Nicola Pancotti, Patrick Rebentrost, Nathan Wiebe & Seth Lloyd argue: Fuelled by increasing computer power and algorithmic advances, machine learning techniques have become powerful tools for finding patterns in data.
  35. Quantum-teleportation experiments turn 20 In this "News and Views" article of 7 December 2017 Nicolas Gisin argues: In 1997, it was demonstrated that quantum states can be teleported from one location to a distant one. The discovery had huge consequences for the development of quantum communication and computing
  36. The entangled Web In this "News and Views" article of 14 Februari 2018 David Castelvecchi argues: Networks that harness entanglement and teleportation could enable leaps in security, computing and science.
  37. Challenging local realism with human choices In this "News and Views" article of 10 May 2018 The Big Bell Test Callaboration explains: The observed correlations strongly contradict local realism and other realistic positions in bipartite and tripartite scenarios.
  38. Quantum Gravity: What is Spacetime? In this "Inside" article of 10 May 2018 George Musser argues: Physicists believe that at the tiniest scale, space emerges from quanta. What might these building blocks look like?
  39. Special relativity validated by neutrino's In this "News and Views" article of 16 August 2018 Matthew Mewes argues: Neutrinos are tiny, ghost-like particles that habitually change identity. A measurement of the rate of change in high-energy neutrinos racing through Earth provides a record-breaking test of Einstein’s special theory of relativity.
  40. Quantum puzzle baffles physicists In this "News and Views" article of 27 September 2018 Davide Castelvecchi argues: New twist on thought experiment yields conflicting results.
  41. Machine learning comes up against unsolvable problem In this "News and Views" article of 17 January 2019 Davide Castelvecchi argues: Researchers run into a logical paradox discovered by famed mathematician Kurt Gödel.
  42. A singing, dancing Universe In this Comment "Spring books" article of 18 Aprill 2019 Jon Butterworth enjoys a celebration of mathematics - led theoretical physics. The book reviewed is: The Universe Speaks in Numbers: How Modern Maths Reveals Nature's Deepest Secrets by Graham Farmelo.



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