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Quantum puzzle baffles physicists 16 6 13 October 2018 15 November 2018
The behaviour of a clock in a linear accelerator versus a centrifuge 16 7 9 September 2018 20 October 2018
A suggested time dilation experiment 57 8 15 May 2018 20 July 2018
Simplifying Einstein's Thought Experiments 57 8 15 May 2018 20 July 2018
The books GRAVITATION and Spacetime physics 3 3 22 september 2017 13 October 2017
GPS Implementation of a twin scenario 10 0 5 september 2017 6 September 2017
'Gedanken' vs 'fabricated' 22 5 26 August 2017 2 September 2017
Why is there more than one explanation for the Twin Paradox 38 9 13 August 2017 24 August 2017
Page 19 from the book GRAVITATION 10 4 13 August 2017 17 August 2017
Twins and space station 27 12 9 August 2017 1 October 2017
Einstein's RoS Exposed as Blatant Fake. 26 6 29 July 2017 7 August 2017
The correct explanation for the twin paradox 51 11 14 July 2017 4 August 2017
Why there must be an absolute frame - New Book 17 2 13 July 2017 27 July 2017
Time dilation in Wikipedia 3 2 6 July 2017 7 July 2017
I could not get my post !!!!!!!! 18 5 1 July 2017 9 July 2017
Galilean transformation equations and Robert B. Winn 22 4 27 June 2017 28 June 2017
Speed of light in vacuum, what definition? 47 11 27 June 2017 2 August 2017
When a black hole moves. The incompatibility between GR and SR 25 0 20 May 2017 4 September 2017
Does gravity travel at the speed of light? 11 2 22 March 2017 5 April 2017
Is the 'uncertainty principle' a law of physics? 14 4 1 March 2017 21 March 2017
Can We Believe in Modern Quantum Theories? 23 4 5 January 2017 9 February 2017
Two Questions about Bell's theorem 27 13 18 December 2016 7 March 2017
Is The Speed of Light Everywhere the Same? 6 2 30 November 2016 11 Decemeber 2016
The two postulates in Special Relativity - part 2 29 11 7 July 2016 15 August 2016
The two postulates in Special Relativity 154 35 6 May 2015 5 December 2016

Reflection 1 "External Analyst"

In the discussion Re: Speed of light in vacuum, what definition? Tom Roberts introduces the concept "external analyst".
He starts from the concept: a MODEL. The "external analyst" uses this MODEL.

My point of view is that when you want to study the laws of physics it is important to study the evolution of the Universe completley independent of any human influence. In fact you should study the evolution from all points in the Universe simultaneous. Not from the view point of a single human being, not all humans on earth, not from the solar system, but globally. In fact you should study with your eyes closed.
Ofcourse you need observations, the more the better, but if you want to unravel the laws of nature you should start from one coordinate system (which evolves in time) and the first step when you have to collect new observations should be to place these local observations in the global coordinate system. This picture from the local group: Wiki: Local Group shows this image at one instant t. This image changes continuously. However each star is not a visible object but much a black hole i.e. something invisible. This is a difficult step.
The point is that working from within this coordinate system is much simpler because light is not more an issue, which (when used) introduces all sorts of physical problems. For example (the behaviour) light is influenced by matter i.e. gravitation and as such the speed of light is not constant and its path is not a straight line.
The speed of light is still an issue when clocks are used, specific when moving clocks are used (in this case I mean clocks which inner workings is based on the speed of light) because the behaviour of these clock is affected when you do that and as such the clocks ticks slower. The solution is that inside your coordinate system there are no moving clocks.

The advantage of using one coordinate (and in some sense banning all humans) has many advantages. The problem with "Schrödingers cat" disappears because there is no observer any more to look inside the box. In fact the state of the cat is completely defined if there was a radio active decay "Yes" or "No". That means the cat is either alive or dead, but never both (Ofcourse he can be dying). The challenge now becomes what causes this radio active decay and why is the half-live time different for certain elementary particles.

What also disappears is the uncertainty principle becauses that principle is very much related to out human incapabilities to meausure the true values of certain parameters. In fact each photon has a specific value (position) in space. The problem is to know this position at a certain instance t. The issue is when you measure its position you destroy the photon making it impossible to know its position twice and to calculate its speed.

Reflection 2 "Usenet - General Review"

The present state of Usenet is a mess. Most of the postings are carbage in the sense that they are completely unrelated to the subject of the thread. In many cases it is pure advertising.
IMO the only solution is to introduce a certain level of moderation. I think the fact that a certain level of external control is introduced will be helpfull.
To get an impression of the pitfalls in moderation read this:

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