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1. Overview

2 History

3. Connection to quantum state symmetry

3.1 Pauli principle in advanced quantum theory

4. Consequences

4.1 Atoms and the Pauli principle

4.2 Solid state properties and the Pauli principle

4.3 Stability of matter

The stability of the electrons in an atom itself is unrelated to the exclusion principle, but is described by the quantum theory of the atom.
Okay. But requires a deeper explanation.
The underlying idea is that close approach of an electron to the nucleus of the atom necessarily increases its kinetic energy, an application of the uncertainty principle of Heisenberg.
That the speed and energy of an electron closer to the nucleas of atom is higher compared to an electron at larger distance is a physical effect and has nothing to do with the uncertainty principle.
The uncertainty principle bassicly reflects human limitations to measure distances and cannot be used to explain physical processes.
However, stability of large systems with many electrons and many nucleons is a different matter, and requires the Pauli exclusion principle.
I doubt that the stability it self requires the exclusion principle implying that two electrons cannot be at the same place.

4.4 Astrophysics and the Pauli principle

It is a consequence of general relativity that, in sufficiently intense gravitational fields, matter collapses to form a black hole.
General Relativity is not the cause that matter collapses to form a black hole.
The same physical rules apply when two raindrops merge. They combine, flow togeteher and form a new slightly larger raindrop.
Merging matter behaves the same. The most important issue, for humans, is that a Black Hole does not emit photons. From a physical point of view this is rather unimportant.

5. See also

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