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1. Overview

1.1 Process

1.2 DNA example

1.3 Other components

Scientific inquiry 2.1 Properties of scientific inquiry 2.2 Beliefs and biases

3. Elements of the scientific method

Four essential elements of the scientific method are iterations, recursions, interleavings, or orderings of the following:
  • Characterizations (observations, definitions, and measurements of the subject of inquiry)
  • Hypotheses (theoretical, hypothetical explanations of observations and measurements of the subject)
  • Predictions (reasoning including deductive reasoning from the hypothesis or theory)
  • Experiments (tests of all of the above)

3.1 Characterizations

3.1.1 Uncertainties

Measurements in scientific work are also usually accompanied by estimates of their uncertainty. The uncertainty is often estimated by making repeated measurements of the desired quantity.
Uncertainty are a big issue in physics. Infact it is part of the problem to what extend we can predict the future.
This is also part of the problem between Bohr and Einstein i.e Quantum Mechanics versus Classical Mechanics.

3.2 Hypothesis development

3.3 Predictions from the hypothesis

3.4 Experiments

3.5 Evaluation and improvement

3.6 Confirmation

4. Models of scientific inquiry

4.1 Classical model

4.2 Pragmatic model

5 Communication and community

5.1 Peer review evaluation

5.2 Documentation and replication

5.3 Dimensions of practice

6 Philosophy and sociology of science

6.1 Role of chance in discovery

7 History

8 Relationship with mathematics

9 Relationship with statistics

10. See also

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