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Nils Desle

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Latest News
2020-09-21 Time flies... I'm still alive!
2011-09-05 I finished and published my second Android app: Visualisator 5000
It's a music visualisation app that works with any mediaplayer, as long as it can play in the background.
The website is under construction (meaning it's a placeholder, and I will only make a real one if anybody actually cares). Meanwhile, if you want to check the app out, use your android phone to go to the Android market and look for Visualisator 5000. Enjoy! --Nils
2010-09-16 Added a new project I worked on last year: VoiceBand
2010-08-29 Updated the ImageCloud page: added video of my talk at the Neverending Conference
2010-02-01 This website is put online for the first time. Let me know what you think!