Visualisator 5000, the BEST (and only) Music Visualisation app for Android!
Works on any Android 2.2 (and higher) device
With ALL music players and built-in microphones

Now featured on

Your input is VITAL to me! If you have any questions, bug reports, suggestions to make the game better, please send a mail to!


1. Download the Visualisator 5000 app from the Android market (search for Visualisator 5000 and go for the free version with advertisments, or buy the commercial version)
2. Start your favourite music player
3. Put it in the background by pressing your phone's Home key
4. Start the Visualisator 5000 app
5. Press the "Visualise" button
6. Enjoy the trippy visuals created by YOUR music!

analogosc.png flower.png
green_vortex.png plasma.png
shiny1.png plasmaredux.png
shinyvortex.png starfield.png
warposc1.png zoomrotate.png

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