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All about me
Resume Interested parties can get my full resume by contacting me directly.

My Stuff - Game related releases
At Playlogic, I worked on Tori-Emaki. Tori-Emaki is an interactive screensaver where you direct the birds in various directions by waving your hand in front of the Playstation Eye webcam. For this project, I did the bird flocking and the hand-following code, as well as the audio programming, framework maintenance and packaging
Aqua Vita is another interactive screensaver that uses the Playstation Eye camera. For this one, I did the audio programming and some optimising to get it to 60 fps. I also did framework maintenance and packaging
Mesmerise is a slightly weird Playstation Eye interactive screensaver for which I did tool and framework programming and the audio development.
NDA There is a lot more I worked on at Playlogic, but because of NDA issues I can't show or mention them here.