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The ExpressX expression system is a technology platform developed to increase the chance of finding conditions that result in an efficient expression system for the host Escherichia coli.

ExpressX Features

Together with our partner Biotecnol SA, we are further developing an integrated expression system aimed at increasing the chance of developing a cost-efficient production system of therapeutic proteins.

ExpressX is based on an unsurpassed repressible induction system. A plasmid backbone optimized for high-level expression is used as a basis for an expanded set of expression vectors, that allow parallel evaluation of most of the expression strategies available for E. coli.

We believe that E. coli still is the host of choice for cost-effective production of biologicals.

We are also convinced that expression technology in E. coli can still be optimized in order to:

increase the chance of obtaining a successful production system in this host for a particular protein


increasing the quality of the protein


decreasing production cost


If you feel this is interesting for you, please contact Dr. Nico Mertens of the VIB1 - DMBR Department.



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