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The Tribody model:

The ideal antibody manifold depends on your application. But suppose you want a highly specific binding, since you like to target some active compounds to a tumor cell. Then you would like a molecule that does not remains in the bloodstream for too long, but also is not cleared in a half hour since this would not allow for sufficient time to accumulate to the target cell.

bulletYou need an antibody lacking the Fc tail
bulletYou need an intermediate weight molecule, to avoid clearance in the kidney glomerula.

Clinical Useful BsAb should:


have a highly selective tumor binding with high affinity.


should bind effector cells monovalent and only be cross linked when encountering cell-bound tumor antigen, they should thus not contain an Fc-portion


should promote selective in situ tumor inflammation by relevant leukocyte population


should be of human origin


should be small enough to penetrate tumors, but large enough to remain for a reasonable time in circulation

If you would like to combine functions with the antibody, or would like the controlled heterodimerization of bispecific antibodies, with precise control on the multiplicity of binding of each component....


Rotating structure of a Tribody molecule 

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