Even after all these years this little site is just a (not so temporary) place for my link collection - so don't expect anything too fancy. This site has been gaining lots of dust. Really: I haven't changed anything significant on it since January 2011, except to delete senetnces and links that would point you to non-existant Internet resources. To see what I'm up to today, you must check my blog.

On Content Management

As an experiment I'm using CushyCMS to manage this site. For an almost static site like this CushyCMS is not a bad solution.


On Development



There is more of me elsewhere on the Web

  • innologos is the name of my freelance consultancy activity (note: the innologos blog is written in dutch).
  • Try my blog, called the N U K L E O S  Weblog.
  • Here's my presentation on The Year of the Wiki?, as presented to KVIV on June 15th, 2005.
  • I tried to help out with the Reactor for Coldfusion framework by starting a documentation Wiki on the subject, but it didn't catch on. Documentation for the project remains a weak spot in many software projects, so let's not be too sad about that ;-)