Topic Maps

This subject is closely linked to Content Management, because Topic Maps are one of the possible ways to store references to resources and their interrelations.

Organisations and Internet Sites

  • The DMOZ Open Directory has a few links on TM.
  • The eXchangable Faceted Metadata Language is a subset of XTM (XML Topic Maps). Interestingly, there are some XFML additions to some of the web content management systems mentioned on this site... (added on 2002-12-03).
  • High Context is the name of "David Gammel's weblog about associations and the web". It contains news items and commentary about knowledge management systems, topic maps, content management systems, and more (added on 2002-12-03).
  • Here's the standard ISO/IEC 13250, Topic Maps (Second Edition).
  • The topicmapmail Info Page is a TM mailing list; the archives are available on the site.
  • TopicMaps.Org "is an independent consortium of parties interested in developing the applicability of the Topic Maps Paradigm to the World Wide Web, by leveraging the XML family of specifications as required".
  • XML Topic Maps defines "an abstract model and XML grammar for interchanging Web-based topic maps".


Open Source Tools

  • PROJECT TM4J - Topic Maps for Java. "TM4J is an open-source project to develop topic map processing tools and applications".