In 1991 I saw my first amstaff and I promised myself I was gonna be a future amstaff owner myself. I did fall in love because of his look but almost even more because his character.

After a while I had moved and so I did have enough place for my first amstaff : Borrasca Quint aka “Tyson”. He came to live with me in 1992. A few months later he did get company of a Victorian Bulldog named Kim.

I got to know some amstaff people and they asked me to join the Breeders club BTCB branch Amstaff. We did start our own club in 1995 : A.S.T.C.B. vzw. And that’s how I met Peter Goossens.

We became a couple. Peter had 5 dogs, 4 of them were Amstaffs. This was the beginning of a beautiful time.

Peter was an Amstaff Breeder. He started with two females he bought at the Renegades Kennel. He kept a male out of his first litter : (Renegade’s Blue Charming Gray X Amboinia Mister Kimbo) : Great Pharamund’s Tyfoon and a female out of the second litter : (Renegade’s Silver Smoke Nyonya x Chasqui Red Raging Bull) : Great Pharamund’s Tabasco.

Since that time all stud dogs are chosen out of the White Rock Bloodline.

By the time the 3th litter came I was a member of the family. We kept 3 dogs : Great Pharamund’s Uprising (female), Uncle Buck and U.S. Yankee (males)

May 1997 was terrible because Peter died. I became the owner of 10 dogs

(8 of them amstaffs). One of them was pregnant so all of a sudden I was Amstaff breeder. It began as our dream and suddenly I had to do it all by myself. Since then “ Of nice Pharamund’s” became a fact.