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ITU 27
Name  ALBERT    Qth WETTEREN    East Flandres D-ATV 6cm,70cm,13cm,23cm band,VHF/UHF X510 Diamond Amateur Television Station Analoge and Digital   QRV D-ATV 5.7Ghz, 2.3Ghz, 1.2Ghz, 436Mhz and rx OSCAR 100 Dish 1m, TX, SR-Systems, homebrew DigiLite, rx Minitiouner V1 and V2  TX, OSCAR 100, Portsdown + PLuto or LimeSDR mini, 1.5m prime focus Dish  Kenwood TS2000,  TM-D700e, TH-D7,  ICOM  IC-E2820 (D-Star) Hytera MD / PD 785G / PD 505  DMR qrv onTalkgroup 9410 ATV-Talk QRV  FM 145.200Mhz
ATV live streams
ATV DigiLite SR-Systems M0DTS Rob Tutioune Monitor VIVA-D-ATV 13/23cm FM ATV Minitiouner V1 70cm AM ATV DigiLite  D-ATV Minitiouner V2
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Last update  06/02/2021
Oscar 100 WB spectrum monitor + Chat webpage
Oscar 100 WB  Chat only webpage
Oscar 100  Narrowband WebSDR
Oscar 100 uplink, home brew helical, 3.5 turns 40mm 28mm distance, coax 6m ecoflex 10 Oscar 100 uplink, home brew, distance between dish and feed 62.5cm, 40mm X 150mm drain pipe spacer.....
Oscar 100 uplink, prime focus 1.5m, dish depth 23cm with actuator....
Helical 3.5 turns Prime focus 1.5m
Stream D-ATV ON0TVO Ghent Activity day every Wednesday from 20h to 22h local time
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