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ITU 27
Name  ALBERT    Qth WETTEREN    East Flandres Amateur Television Station Analoge and Digital  QRV D-ATV 5.7Ghz, 2.3Ghz, 1.2Ghz, 436Mhz and rx OSCAR 100 Dish 1m, tx SR-Systems, homebrew DigiLite, rx Minitiouner V1 and V2   Kenwood TS2000,  TM-D700e, TH-D7,  ICOM  IC-E2820 (D-Star) Hytera MD / PD 785G / PD 505  (DMR) qrv 433.250Mhz Talkgroup 99 QRV  FM 145.200Mhz
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ATV DigiLite SR-Systems M0DTS Rob Tutioune Monitor VIVA-D-ATV 13/23cm ATV Minitiouner V1 70cm AM DigiLite  D-ATV Minitiouner V2
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Last update  15/10/2019
Oscar 100 WB spectrum monitor + Chat webpage
Oscar 100 WB  Chat only webpage
Oscar 100  Narrowband WebSDR
POTY Dualband antenna TX 2400Mhz- RX 10.500Mhz
Poty Dual Band Antenna 2.4Ghz TX + LNB 10Ghz RX - LO 9Ghz
SWR Poty antenna on 2.4Ghz