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MJ, JERSEY DX-perience :-)
Several belgian hams will be qrv from Jersey between the 24 till 30 may 2013 ,
the aim is to be qrv on 2 M, 6 M, from 10m to 160 m , SSB and CW, PSK  with an emphasis on the higher bands , conditions permitting  

ALWAYS use the CORRECT phonetic alphabet when calling in a pileup.
The phonetic alphabet (Alfa through Zulu) in radio traffic serves to avoid mistakes during exchanges of letters and words. To achieve this goal, the 26 alphabet letters have been attributed a unique word.
A DX station listens for these unique words in the pileup cacophony. His ears are harassed by the fusion of all these words (and figures) and fatigue increases. If we deviate from the standard words of the phonetic alphabet, it gets even more difficult for him.
The Team- MJ/ON6NB
MJ/ON6NB Jersey is made up 9 operators:
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The objectives  : 
to have a lot of fun ; 
to work as many stations as possible ; 
return to belgium , tired but with a big smile on the face !! ;)

Pilote ON6QB, Frans

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Jersey is an island measuring 118.2 square kilometres[5] (65,569 vergée / 46 sq mi), including reclaimed land and intertidal zone. It lies in the English Channel, about 12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi) from the Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy, France, and about 87 nautical miles (161 km; 100 mi) south of Great Britain.[79] It is the largest and southernmost of the Channel Islands, with a maximum land elevation of 136 m (446 ft) above sea level at WA 57795 06708 (current UTM30 grid).
The climate is
temperate with mild winters and cool summers.[80] The average annual temperature, 11.6 °C (52.9 °F) is similar to the South Coast of England and the mean annual total sunshine is 1912 hours.[81] The terrain consists of a plateau sloping from long sandy bays in the south to rugged cliffs in the north. The plateau is cut by valleys running generally north-south.

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