ADIF2Cabrillo QSSTV 9.1 QGRID 3.0
ADIF to Cabrillo log convertor SSTV and HamDRM for Linux Maidenhead grid squares calculator,
bearing and distance indicator
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Update ADIF2Cabrillo 1.0.5 (Nov,14 2016)

QSSTV 9.2.6 (Nov, 2017)
See the Changelog for details on the bug fixes

QSSTV 9.2.4 (October,22 2016)
The versions 9.2.x contain a lot of changes and patches. Please test it.
The documentation is not yet up to date. Most of the changes are rather intuitive.
Many thanks to Mike, VK6MN, for his efforts to  actively work on bug fixes, patches and new features.

QSSTV 9.1.8 (July, 22, 2016) released

David (F4BPP)  also made a tutorial in French and English to help install version 9.1.x
French tutorial

Engish tutorial

Version 8.2.x will not be maintained anymore
From version 9.1 the jasper library has been replaced with the OpenJPEG library version 2.x,
because the jasper library is unmaintained for more than 10 years.
See the new instructions in the manual (installation).

This has been done on request from the Debian maintainers.
See ticket:

You can still download version 9.0.7 if you need the jasper library support, but there will be no more bug fixes or features addition to this version.

Version QSSTV 8.2.12 (July, 12 2015) - please consider using version 9.1
-  Robot mode fix gray image (see Changelog)
Do not forget to use the latest version to be compatible with Easypal Oct 2014

There is also a nice new website by David (F4BPP)  in French and English (choose language at top left) to help installing QSSTV.

updated version QSSTV 8.1.17 (Feb, 11 2014)
17 - yet another bug fixed for hybrid modes (did not work in 15 and 16)
16 -Fixed some bugs (enable hybrid reception flag was inverted)
15 -Implementation of a number of suggestions  from  David (KI6ZHD
For more details: see changelog.
Documentation is now updated.

FAQ Updated
(Dec, 30 2013) (Centos, openSUSE installation instructions, udev rules)

This version of QSSTV supports SSTV and HAMDRM.
This is the first release and there is certainly still room for improvement.
Click on the QSSTV link above for more information.
The latest documentation is always available online from this website.
If you want  to receive DRM signals on a Windows PC, look for Easypal

 QGrid 3.0

As English is not my native language I would appreciate if you would send an email with any corrections to the documentation or this website.

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If you have suggestions to make don't hesitate to send me an email.

73's Johan ON4QZ