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QSSTV 9.1.x is from now on the official version

You can download the latest version (QSSTV 9.1.8) from the download section.
You can find the changelog in the manual.

Now also tested on Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 running Rasbian Jessie and Ubuntu Mate and it's running just fine.

The manual is included in the download file and latest version of it is availble from this website.
This gives me the opportunity to update the manual without going to a new revision of the software distribution.
manual for QSSTV 9.1.x

There is a dedicated FAQ for version QSSTV 9.1.x ( just the beginnings) with extra info (e.g. installation on other distributions, interfacing etc ...)
In case of  compiler errors , please follow the instructions in the FAQ.

Please read the installation instructions in the manual.

Remember: SSTV has a 100% duty-cycle, so run at reduced power with the ALC at its minimum