QSSTV  9.4
External Programs

QSSTV can interface with other programs.

Flrig see flrigconfig

Cqrlog: QSSTV (when in DRM mode) sends the following information to Cqrlog:

  • program: identifies QSSTV
  • version: protocol version
  • date: based on UTC
  • time: based on UTC (time when the images is correctly received)
  • endtime: based on UTC (always = time)
  • call: call sign of the received station
  • mhz: frequency in MHz
  • mode: SSTV (ADIF restriction: there is no DSSTV nor DRM specified in ADIF, SSTV is the closest match)
  • notes: contains file name, DRM mode information (i.e mode, QAM, protection.. hybrid)

  • Setup:

  • Do not enable Run Fldigi ...
  • Start Cqrlog and select Remote mode for Fldigi
  • If you want to see the QSO's: Select "Show QSO list" from the file menu.

    Note: Unless you configured the Automatic refresh, you will only see the QSO's if you hit the Refresh button.