QSSTV  9.4
Macro Text

You can use macros to expand text add runtime. When layouting templates remember that % macros will be replaced by the final text.
Example: v will expand to QSSTV.9.4.3. So leave enough room to place the final text.

Following macro's are supported:
Macro's where the value is defined in the configuration

  • %m - my callsign
  • %q - my QTH
  • %l - my locator
  • %n - my last name
  • %f - my first name

Macro's where the value is entered in the TX-window prior to transmission

  • %c - call of the contacted station
  • %r - RSV (radio-strength-video best is 595) You can also input free text as is sometimes required for contest (e.g. 595#007 or Good Copy)
  • %o - name of the operator of the contacted station
  • %x - comment1
  • %y - comment2
  • %z - comment3

Note: comment 1,2 and 3 can be multi-line.

Macro's where the value is defined by the system

  • %t - time in hours:minutes format
  • %d - date in year/month/day format
  • %v - qsstv_version
  • %s - SNR only in DRM mode
    • in version 9.3 only used in the WF Text see also Statusbar
    • in version 9.4 and higher used in the WF Text and in the template images