QSSTV  9.4

This feature allows you to repeat images in both SSTV and DRM mode. see also Repeater Configuration

It will first receive an image and after decoding it will retransmit the processed image. The repeater acts like a parrot, it is not just retransmitting the audio.

When the repeater is inactief for a time (idle time) specified in the repeater configuration, 1 of 4 images will be transmitted. The overlay can be specified in the configuration.

The retransmitted images are send in the mode selected in the Transmit window. For SSTV the mode can be the same as the mode of the received image.

The repeater does not allow for cross-mode (i.e SSTV repeated in DRM or vice versa)

Images will only be repeated if:

  • For DRM: the image was received without errors or after correction.
  • For SSTV: the image was received and the Complete precentage has been met.

In DRM the repeater will never use Hybrid mode to repeat the image.