QSSTV  9.2
What's New

QSSTV 9.2.x has the following new features compared to QSSTV 8.2.x

  • Build on top QT 5.x ( and also compatible with Qt 4.8)
  • Better synchronization in SSTV mode
  • New SSTV narrow band modes (MP73-N,MP110-N,MP140-N,MC110-N,MC140-N,MC180-N)
  • Changed GUI layout
  • Gallery window now shows all the rx/tx images.
  • RX and TX images for SSTV and DRM now in separate gallery tab.
  • TX Stock Images for fast selecting preferred TX Images.
  • SSTV Images only saved after a configurable percentage completed
  • Setting and reading frequency via CAT interface
  • Preferred fast frequency selection for SSTV and DRM
  • Editor/templates: multi-line inputs for x,y and z
  • Pulse audio direct interface