Homemade full sized 80m 4 square Rebuild August 2016

The 80m / 40m 2element builded 13 years ago

80m/160m toploaded - 4square/ 2el diagonal

The hybrid coupler for the homemade 40m 4 square

the 40m 4 square on a windy afternoon 2014

A 2 x 6 element stack for 6m still in use

some kitting between the hexbeam and 5 over 5, i was taking a break during a contest

The 6 element tx array 160m / 80m since 2018

My qsl card , a big thanks to ON5UR max for excellent service

shack for 6m 2016

Another picture from another array for 6m

Picture from my set up during the iaru 6m contest... All homemade

1 corner QTF NNW BSEF reversable

These are a few of my 6m awards Iv been the first in the 6m class since 2009, 2018 incl !!

10m award during the CQWW 2013...I used a 2 x 4 element homemade stack and 100 watts from an icom 746 pro

me during 6m contest.jpg