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Hello everybody, welcome to my personal homepage.

I am one of the biggest Jordan Grand Prix fans from Belgium. It all started in 1991. After having supported Nelson Piquet through his entire F1 career I started to follow the Jordan team when they signed Belgian driver Bertrand Gachot for their first ever F1 season. And when they introduced their first challenger I could only say waauuw, what a nice car. From then on I followed the team year in year out, the first successfull year, then the difficultconfirmation years all through the 1998 and 1999 top years.

Being a die-cast collector for years, I started to concentrate on the Jordan team and I have come to a collection of about 50 models. Then the idea began to bubble to create my own site, and thus to try to get to know other Jordan die-cast collectors.

This the result so far, it's all new for me so if you bookmark my site you will see that it will change during the next months, as I get to know better the Dreamweaver software.

So what's the site about: I have a gallery where you can see my models, a database of all Jordan die-casts ever introduced (if you see any mistakes or incompleteness, please mail me!), a small shop where I sell some F1 and die-cast stuff, a links page and a page about the history of Jordan Grand Prix.

As I mentioned before I will try to update and extend the site on a regular basis, so stop by from time to time!

I have included a Guestbook, I would love to hear from you out there!

Enjoy it and happy browsing!