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1.- Mr. Mehmet! Where is your father from? Is your father from Ankara?
+ No, my father is not from Ankara, my father is from İzmir.

2.- Dear friends! Where is your teacher from? Is your teacher from Afyon?

+ No, our teacher is not from Afyon, our teacher is from Yeşilköy.

3.- Where is his customer from? Is his customer from Çankırı?
+ No, his customer is not from Çankırı, his customer is from Çorum.

4.- Where is my doctor from? Is my doctor from Niğde?
+ No, Fatma, your doctor is not from Niğde, your doctor is from Karayün.

5.- Ali and Ayşe! Where is your child? Is your child at home?
+ No, our child is not at home. Our child is at school.

6.- Nuri! Where is your car? Is your car on the street?
+ No, my car is not on the street. My car is on the parking place.

7.- Where is her hairdresser? Is her hairdresser in Boom?
+ No, her hairdresser is not in Boom. Her hairdresser is in Antwerp.

8.- Where is our tourist? Is our tourist in the antique shop?
+ No, our tourist is not in the antique shop. Our tourist is in the sports shop.