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Selected newspaper articles for advanced students of Turkish

By allowing free access to their extensive online archives of articles, Turkish newspapers provide formerly undreamt of possibilities for students of Turkish. However, it is not always easy  for students to find in this abundance of reading material the texts which are suitable for their level of reading proficiency. First of all, a vocabulary of about 2000 words and familiarity with all aspects of Turkish syntax (especially: relative, completive, gerundial and conditional clauses) is an absolute minimum requirement to be able to start reading authentic newspaper articles with the help of a dictionary. But even then students may choose articles which are too long-winded, contain too much specific vocabulary, tackle subjects which are too complex or require too much background information,...

The articles presented below were selected based on personal classroom experiences. They are meant to be the most suitable for additional reading practice. While selecting them, I especially looked for the following properties:

Warning: All articles are linked directly to the newspaper archives where they reside. Changes in the archives may result in "broken links" on this page.