Hi there !

I'm Olivier Baum, I live in Mechelen, Belgium, and this is my homepage. Please send me some comments about this homepage (thanks to the authors of  HotDog Pro 4.0  and  Netscape Composer  which make the life of a web designer much easier).

If you are interested in having a directory on this domain (like for instance http://www.os2ug.org/your_name or http://www.os2ug.org/your_companyname, just e-mail  me . The size is not important. I can give up to 50 MB per customer, this all at very reasonable prices.

I currently work as Interim at Telenet Vlaanderen. Since it's only an interim job I'm looking for a new job, with new interesting challenges. So if you got something for me, informatics-related, please check out my resume and you might be able to welcome me as your new employee. You can always reach me by e-mail at os2lover@pandora.be .

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